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Crocodile Rocks Review

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August 28, 2011


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Crocodile Rocks Review

Broadway at the Beach is a hub of Myrtle Beach nightlife along the Grand Strand. One of the gems shining out in this hub is known as Crocodile Rocks, or as the locals say, “Crocks.” This venue is just one of many that offer live entertainment yet it stands out as one of the BEST in the business. Crocks shines brightly with two dueling pianos playing the best music from classic rock to top 40’s. The pianists’ are even quite funny, putting spins on songs and jokes for the pleasure of the crowd.

IMG_4109 Crocks has the same drinks at reasonable prices, served cold and with a smile. They have a selection of domestic and import beers to choose from. As well as your choice of almost any liquor. The service is fast, pleasant, handled by some of the most beautiful ladies at the beach.



IMG_4100 Entertainment at Crocks is first class with the pianists’ pulling the crowd in and making them join the fun. They bring the people on the stage with conga lines, drinking games, and comedy routines. The dirty hokey pokey was unique and outright hilarious. Crocks offer some of the most unique comedy routines along the Grand Strand, and at an unbeatable value.

IMG_4094 There are a number of tables that larger parties may reserve at Crocks, but everything else is “first come, first serve.” Crocks sports 3 bars in the venue; a side bar directly to the left of the entrance, the main bar to the right which runs the entire length of the bottom floor, and a small side bar up stairs. All bars are fully equipped to quench your thirst at a reasonable price.

The restrooms at Crocks are clean and serviced. Each has a maintainer inside that keeps them clean all night. The restrooms were continually kept free of debris and in good order. There are also no lines. There are enough stalls and urinals to accommodate enough people at once to keep the flow smooth.

At Crocks your safety is priority and to ensure everyone has a fun night they have a well-staffed security team that is able to handle any situation. Crocks atmosphere is fun, friendly, and relaxing but for those incidents that just so happen to happen, they have it covered.

During my visit to Crocks I was greeted by a fun atmosphere with great service.  The entertainment was funny and lively. They incorporate the crowd into their routines and make everyone have a great time. The staff was courteous and friendly, serving up drinks with speed and making sure that guests are taken care of. Crocks is an all-around good time, and one of the best places in Myrtle Beach for live entertainment along the Grand Strand. It’s a great price, a great location, and a great time.


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