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Andy Nguyen VS Brawl at the Beach II

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February 9, 2012


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Andy Nguyen VS Brawl at the Beach II

At Brawl at the Beach II inside Kono Lounge, we’ll be having a live streamed interview with female MMA fighter Andy Nguyen from Myrtle Beach Fitness Edge MMA. She’s going to be our special guest Chun Li for the evening; she’s not just a pretty face. She’s possibly the strongest female warrior that will be in the building February 18th! She’s a Street Fighter player so we’re going to try to get in a few games and private sessions with the talented fighter.


Stream Monsters and Viewers; be on the lookout for our interview! We will be asking Andy YOUR questions and she will be able to not only answer them, but read your comments on the stream. Keep her followed on twitter @Fighterchic82.

Got a question or comment you want to ask her? Let us know on twitter (@OhsoNetwork), facebook ( or email ( If you email us a question, please include your name and location so we can give you a shoutout via live stream.

We will have more talent coming in for the evening so if you’re not attending, sit back, relax, and watch us treat you LIVE! We will finish this off with a nice photo gallery.
Brawl at the Beach II – February 18th starting at 6PM EST DON’T MISS IT!!


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