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Brawl at the Beach I: After Thoughts

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December 8, 2011


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Brawl at the Beach I: After Thoughts

The Ohso and EGO held its first event (Brawl at the Beach) at Kono Lounge on 18 NOV 2011. Let me just say that it was a HUGE success. We’d like to officially thank all of our sponsors and the people that travelled to support us. The guys over at GameTillDawn came out to check us out and support us, they have also written an article about our event so if you haven’t read that click here and check it out.

The event went better than planned, we had the X-Girls there dressed as characters from the games, there were many contestants for both games, and we had Black Light Disco doing dubstep downstairs in the main club floor. Brawl at the Beach was held upstairs in the VIP, streamed online to over 1,200 viewers live (over 350+ concurrent viewers), and was heralded as “the best tournament” our contestants had ever been to.

Brawl at the Beach was a tournament 3 months in the making with a unique experience. Never before has a tournament been held in a club with this type of atmosphere, it brought a much welcomed unique experience to competitive fighting game tournaments.

Before we leave you, we’d also like to announce the winners of our grand event. In two games we have the following: (Click the names to see an image.)

Super Street Fighter IV: AE
First Place: Casey Stevens (Holding the Trophy)
Second Place: David Barnes (Right)
Third Place: Matthew Wilks (Right)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
First Place: Kevin “Byron” Bacon (Left)
Second Place: John Bonomolo (Middle Left)
Third Place: Robert Urick (Left)

If you weren’t at Brawl at the Beach I, make sure you don’t miss the next one! We’ll be releasing more information as soon as it’s available! Until next time!

Brawl at the Beach I Gallery:
Brawl at the Beach I Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Finals (HD Video): Brawl at the Beach I – UMVC3 Finals
Brawl at the Beach I Promo (HD Video): Brawl at the Beach I Promo Vid

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