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Brawl at the Beach II Gallery

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February 21, 2012


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Brawl at the Beach II Gallery

Brawl at the Beach II was a great turnout for the Myrtle Beach fighting game scene, bringing gaming into a different atmosphere. Many of our sponsors like Blu Energy, Corsair Comics, Swampfox Media, and others were there to support us. We thank everyone for coming to our tournament, especially to the people from out of town. We’d also like to thank the stream monsters supporting us and also to everyone who volunteered when we were shorthanded. We do understand that there were some issues with the stream, tournament setups, and brackets and to top it off, the manager of the Kono Lounge threw us all out when the main games were rounding up. We gladly refunded all of our players and passed out gift cards.

We know a lot of people had fun and we have taken in a lot time reading suggestions, concerns, and comments about Brawl at the Beach II to make the next one a success. This was a great achievement for our second event and the future events will definitely correct our past mistakes. Overall this still was a great event for Myrtle Beach and we enjoyed each and every one of you for coming. Please check out the pictures and videos (coming soon this week to youtube) from the event! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us at: admin@theohso.com

Brawl at the Beach III will be on May 20th at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center tagging on with XCon. Please come out to attend when more details are given or check us out on stream.

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