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Brawl at the Beach III Baybee!

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March 22, 2012


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Brawl at the Beach III Baybee!

We just released the details on Brawl at the Beach III. It will be tagging along inside the Myrtle Beach Convention Center with X-Con. Brawl at the Beach III is now open to a wider age group and also X-Con is open to ALL AGE GROUPS! Go to for more info on XConV. Here are the details to Brawl at the Beach III straight from SRK:



Ohso+EGO Stream:

Med Size Flyer:

Myrtle Beach Convention Center Event Location:

SRK Brawl at the Beach I Event:

SRK Brawl at the Beach II Event:

Follow us for updates!



NOTE: Brawl at the Beach III will be at X-Con V in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Open to all ages! To learn more about X-Con V, special guests, etc. please go to:

Ohso & EGO presents Brawl at the Beach III in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our first Brawl at the Beach changed the GAME in Myrtle Beach. The second Brawl at the Beach was a great success and learning experience. Brawl at the Beach III will be at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center tagging with the anime/comic book convention X-CON V. This will also be the FIRST Brawl at the Beach to be age 12+.



Brawl at the Beach 2 was a great success, there were a ton of people who came out to support. Toward the end of the tournament there was a series of unfortunate events that took place. We’ve modified our system to better facilitate you, the competitor. Check out our changes below and don’t forget we’re always open to suggestions!


1: We have changed the venue. We’re now having our 3rd installment at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. This will allow plenty of space!

2: We have a dedicated bracket manager with 2 displays dedicated to no more than 2 different brackets per display! (IE: 1 bracket manager will run the 4 brackets and each bracket will update to 2 separate displays for competitors to view).

3: We will have 12 tournament setups (+2 setups for the stream)! 6 x 360′s and 6 x PS3′s!

4: We have altered our tournament layout to facilitate competitors ability to get to stations quickly and easily!

5: We will have dedicated tournament manger’s/judges keeping track of who’s where in each tournament! This information will be recorded and delivered to the bracket manager.


Didn’t attend Brawl at the Beach I or II? Check out the results:

Promo Video:

Local Radio Ad:

After Thoughts Article (with video):

Ultimate 3 Finals Video:–_S0A

Brawl at the Beach I Gallery (over 280 photos!):

Brawl at the Beach II Gallery (over 309 photos!):


Brawl at the Beach III will be at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in South Carolina. Two blocks from the ocean. Here is the floor location for Brawl at the Beach III:


Each game will be 70/20/10 from its own pot. The top two games with the most entries will get a $100 pot bonus. Prizes will be announced soon.


Super Street Fighter IV

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Soul Calibur V

Street Fighter X Tekken (P1 v P2)


Venue Fee = $15

Each Game = $10


If you have a monitor, game, X360, cables, controller, etc. you would like to bring to the event, please contact us. There will be areas to set up for casual matches and games as well. If you plan on doing this, please email the tournament organizers ahead of time. We have all VIP areas reserved for system setups for everybody and for private parties.

We would like volunteers to help with running brackets. If you would like to volunteer please contact any of the tournament organizers below for details.


In order to be eligible you must be 12 or older. Ages 12 and under must have a parental guardian. We are not responsible for your child. We request that you secure your spot in this tournament prior to the night of for seeding purposes. Please follow the link below to purchase tickets and save your place. Those that do not RSVP may be subject to an additional charge at the door.

The tournament starts at 12PM EST, so please have all your equipment ready to go prior.

Follow these steps to pre-pay your venue fee and register for Brawl at the Beach III(tournament entry is $10/game and will be collected at the venue) :

1) Go to

2) Purchase a $10 Three Day Ticket to Xcon. (Just press “Add to Cart”.)

3) When you are at the PayPal checkout, click “Continue Shopping”.

4) Under “Game & Tournament Tickets” look under “Brawl at the Beach III Entry Fee” and click “Add to Cart”. It will take you back to the PayPal checkout.

5) You should now have 1 Three Day Ticket and 1 Brawl at the Beach III Ticket which totals to $15. Continue to checkout and pay for your tickets.


Venue Rules:

The venue is open to ALL AGES! Just make sure you purchase a three-day ticket to X-Con V. You don’t have to pay a Brawl at the Beach III entry fee to spectate.

Even though this is inside the convention center and not a nightclub, please follow our golden rule: Don’t come in the venue looking or smelling like a hot mess. We will still spray you with Old Spice.

BYOC: Please bring your own controllers and fight-sticks for your own personal use. Please label your belongings to prevent theft.

Please keep all drinks off the game stations. This ensures no damage to any equipment.

Game Rules: Standard EVO Rules (8wayrun Rules for Soul Calibur V)

Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (X360)

-2/3 Rounds 99 seconds

-2/3 Matches (3/5 for Winners, Losers and Finals)

-Double Elimination

-Winner keeps the same character and the loser may pick a different character.

-Winners are able to change Ultras, but only before the opponent choose their Ultra.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (X360)

-2/3 Matches 99 seconds (3/5 for Winners, Losers and Finals)

-Double Elimination

-Winner keeps the same teams, assist, and order

-Loser may change teams and assist

Soul Calibur V (PS3)

- 3/5 Rounds 60 seconds

- 2/3 Matches (3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals)

- 100% health and soul gauge

- Double Elimination

- First match is random stage.

- Winner keeps the same character.

- Loser may change character /rematch / choose another random stage

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3)

- 2/3 Matches (3/5 for Winners, Losers and Finals)

- 2/3 Rounds

- Double Elimination

- Winners character is locked.

- Loser of the match can change character.

General Rules:

- Take a shower beforehand.

- If you miss your place in the tournament due to fault of your own, you may be rescheduled if time permits but it isn’t guaranteed.

- IF WE CATCH ANY THEFT IT WILL BE DEALT WITH BY MB LAW ENFORCEMENT. We will not tolerate theft at this tournament. Keep this event theft-free to minimize physical pop-offs.


** = Disclaimer: All times are subject to change based on the tournament speed.

10AM – 11:59AM: Casual Play & Registration.

12PM: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 + Soul Caliber V

30 Minute Break**: A 30 Minute break will be taken after the first 2 games. This is a time for drinks, food, photos, etc.

**3PM: Super Street Fighter IV + Street Fighter X Tekken

Photos: Photos will be taken of the event, so please look your best while you are attending our tournament.

Tournament Organizers:

Steve Alston – 843.457.8693 /

Steve Moseley – 843.251.1238 /

Justin Denning – 843.446.7489 /

Kerry Figueroa – 864.478.2826 /



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