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Ready for Warfare: Andy Nguyen

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March 2, 2012


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Ready for Warfare: Andy Nguyen

After Brawl at the Beach II, we had to see what was up with our favorite Chun Li. So we met up with Andy Nguyen to get the scoop on how the training is coming along for Warfare 4. We interrogated her on what’s been up and asked her some questions we had on our minds:

The Ohso: Who are your sponsors?

Andy Nguyen: R.O.C., RIMS, Fitness Edge MMA, Born to Bang Athletics, Conflict Fighting, TUSSLE…TUSSLE HARD! I hope I didn’t forget anybody. [Laughs] Shout out to the ones I did forget!

The Ohso: [Laughs] Don’t worry, you’ll be able to take care of that at Warfare 4. Who is your opponent?

Andy Nguyen: Jasmine Ali. She’s from Columbia, SC.

The Ohso: Ever talked to her?

Andy Nguyen: Nope, never have. This is her debut MMA fight.

The Ohso: How do you feel about fighting for Warfare?

Andy Nguyen: I love fighting for Warfare 4. I love fighting for Warfare period. The exposure they have and I haven’t had in forever. I’m fighting pretty big; I’ve never fought at 125 lbs before so I’m bulking up. I look all swollen and stuff. [Laughs]

The Ohso: Do you know anything about your opponent for Warfare?

Andy Nguyen: All I know is that she has a Muay Thai background and she’s a Japanese Jujitsu instructor.

The Ohso: Do you know her height or weight?

Andy Nguyen: I don’t know, but I’ll know the day before the fights at the weigh-ins.

The Ohso: When are the weigh-ins?

Andy Nguyen: March 10th.

The Ohso: We’ll be there. One more thing, we have plans for your next costume.

Andy Nguyen: Oh really? What is it? [Laughs]

The Ohso: We’ll give you the info about it later.

Talking with Andy, we always go off track and end up having too much fun. The Ohso will keep an eye out for Andy Nguyen as we proceed to follow some of the other fighters of Fitness Edge MMA before Warfare 4. To top this article off, please enjoy the live interview with Andy as Chun Li at Brawl at the Beach II.

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