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Enter Warfare 3 – Weigh In at Broadway Louie’s

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December 3, 2011


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Enter Warfare 3 – Weigh In at Broadway Louie’s

Ding Ding Ding! The Ohso Team attended the weigh-ins Friday night for Warfare Fighting Championship 3 at Broadway Louie’s in Broadway at the Beach. This place was the spot to be in Broadway at the Beach tonight and it was nothing but hype and anticipation for Saturday night’s fight at the X Sports Complex. Tension in the air was so thick with many of the fighters; it seems as if the audience was going to get to see an early fight.

IMG_4944 (Medium)

We will release some of the pictures we have taken tonight and release the rest, including videos, Sunday after the big night. If you think you want to attend the fights Saturday, December 3rd, go to the official site at and buy your tickets. You can also pay at the door at the X Sports Complex. The show starts at 7PM EST.

If you don’t think you can make it to see these great fighters, come support them at the After Party at Club Boca. Admission is free so don’t be a stranger. The after party starts at 11PM. Keep an eye out for The Ohso team during the event and at the after party. We are planning to get some exclusive interviews with these fighters in the upcoming weeks.We’ll be asking these contenders and other local MMA fighters many questions. Do they play Street Fighter? We’ll find out! IMG_4646 (Medium)

Details of the Fighters (from

Amos Collins Vs. Bryan Mullis (3 Rounds)
Walker Vivian Vs. Whitt Eddenfield (3 Rounds)
Brandon Bushaw Vs. Christopher Clark (3 Rounds)
Wes Evans Vs. Joe Sevcik (3 Rounds)
James Robert “J.R.” Myers II Vs. Ryan Kunhiro (3 Rounds)
Cody Jones Vs. Cole Yarborough (3 Rounds)
Moses Reyes Vs. Andrew Koontz (3 Rounds)
Dennis Lenhardt Vs. Richard Lawyer (3 Rounds)

Light-heavyweight Title:
Daniel Skipper Vs. Joseph Pacheco (5 Rounds)
Lightweight Title:
Jason “Red Bull” Dillon Vs. Cody Wells (5 Rounds)
Featherweight Title:
Carlos Vivas Vs. Shane Crenshaw (5 Rounds)
Heavyweight Title:
Carlos Vivas Vs. Shane Crenshaw (5 Rounds)

IMG_4630 (Medium)

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