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Sneaking into the Palmetto Studios Holiday Art Show

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December 20, 2011


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Sneaking into the Palmetto Studios Holiday Art Show

Palmetto Studios hosted its holiday art show last Friday (Dec. 17th, 11’) in Myrtle Beach. Donations were taken for the Palmetto Arts Alliance. The event was a huge success as there were over 25 artists from around the Grand Strand showing off some of their most recent works. These works ranged from contemporary to modern and included things such as furniture, portraits, and working pieces. Everything was for sale and many fine pieces of work were sold.

The art show hosted a number of entertainers, including Ms. Olga who performed a jazz dance routine for everyone present. The local band “Humble Vibez” provided soothing and jamming music during the show. There was an open bar where guests were free to enjoy themselves well into the evening. We also provided entertainment in the way of our sneaky ninja who kept popping up throughout the event. IMG_5434-Medium

A message from the curator and planner of the art show, Steven Haines:

We’re really happy that everyone had such a great time and we are looking forward to bringing them a LOT more local art talent in the new year! We think we have some of the best artists in the country right here in the southeast and we are going to do all we can to make sure everyone else knows that too!

Palmetto Studios/Corsair Comics hosts a number of events every month including Magic The Gathering game nights, Warhammer 40k nights, and more to come. You will soon find Ohso making use of the venue for some one-on-one interviews with guest. Not all of them will sit on the love seat though:


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