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XCon V ’12 Review

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June 20, 2012


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XCon V ’12 Review

Welcome to Xcon V at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center! This was a convention you didn’t want to miss! There were so many special guests, awesome events, and great vendors all over the place! We’ve got a gallery that you’re not going to want to skip over and we have a ton of information for you if you missed out! img_7324-medium

First things first; the special guests were VERY special! Doug jones, Margot Kidder, and Giorgio Tsoukalos just to name a few! They were all super nice and fun to talk to! They were seated at the entrance of the convention and got a ton of attention from the guests. Giorgio gave a great panel about aliens, if they came to earth, and what his thoughts were about ancient aliens.

There was an assortment of events as well. There were multiple costume contests that gave guests the opportunity to not only see the costumes but vote on them, as well as our very own Brawl at the Beach 3 which drew in around 80 people competing for over $1000 in cash and prizes, and there was wrestling on a custom built stage in the center of the convention!

Unique vendors filled the convention hall with all types of wares. There were plenty of comics and manga to be had at great prices. There were also some pretty cool vendors that had custom made sandblaster mugs, beer glasses, and shot glasses with your favorite logos from some well-known shows, games, and the like. There was no shortage of vendors selling tabletop games like Warhammer 40k and Heroclicks! img_2873-medium

I think one of the best parts of this convention was the costumes going around. There were people from all over dressed up (and down) like their favorite characters from anime, games, and comics. We have tons of photos in the gallery of all the different people.

Xcon V in Myrtle Beach was a HUGE success and an amazing event! We can wait until next year to participate! This was definitely one of the best events in Myrtle Beach and we hope to see you there!

Special Events

Photographers (in alphabetical order): Steve Alston, Landon Moseley, Brendan Wright
Total Photos: 456

If you would like to check out the pictures from our event Brawl at the Beach III at XCon V, go here: http://theohso.com/entertainment/brawl-at-the-beach-iii-results-gallery/

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