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It’s Ohso….

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September 2, 2011


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It’s Ohso….

Feeling lost and constantly asking yourself things like: “what should I do now?” Well look no further because we’re here to help! Ohso aims to be your guide to what’s going on along the Grand Strand. Anything and everything you can possibly want to know about you can find out right here! We’re working on the most complete list of nightlife reviews, exotic clubs, restaurants, and entertainment for the entire family. All content will be made by the Ohso and can’t be found elsewhere!

We’re constantly updating so if you don’t see something here and you’d like to, then visit our contact page and let us know about it!

- Steve Alston & Landon Moseley

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The “Ohso Team” is currently includes CEO’s Steve and Landon. When an article is made by Ohso Team, both are responsible for the article than individually.

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