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Nightlife Safety Tips

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September 2, 2011


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Nightlife Safety Tips

Nightlife in Myrtle Beach and around the Grand Strand is always a new and fun experience. You have the opportunity to meet new people, find new hangouts, and experience different atmospheres. Even though another night out on the town may give you a different experience, you always need to be safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re local, a frequent visitor, or a tourist anything can happen. Ohso is here to give you some tips on staying safe. Follow the guidelines and you’re on your way to having a good time:

- Don’t Go Alone:  It’s always good to go with friends so everybody can maintain safety and make sure where everyone is, especially for young women.  If you want to split up from your friends, make sure to check up on each other every 20-30 minutes. Always have a designated meeting place inside the club or in a well-lit, safe area outside the club if the venue is large enough to get lost in.

Note: Always try to identify other relatives or friends in the venue beforehand just in case of emergencies.

- Check what’s in your Vehicle: Before heading out, try to take out anything valuable in your car if it’s not necessary to have for the evening.  Don’t leave anything on the seat and always stow away everything including; GPS receivers, jackets, shopping bags, purses, jewelry, etc. If you suspect something is missing or a break-in, call 911.

- Protect Your Drink: Never leave drinks unattended. There is always the possibility of your drink getting drugged. Also don’t accept anything from strangers. If you’re not at the bar when the drink was being made or watched it being made then you will never know. Drugs can leave you vulnerable to robbery, date rape, or worse.

- Prevent Pickpockets: Anyplace where it’s dark with lots of noise, people, and flashing lights can make the perfect scenario to be pickpocketed. Know exactly what you need for the evening. Usually it’s your ID, some cash (not a large amount), a credit or ATM card, and a cellphone. Men, try to keep your wallets in the car if you can and keep what you are bringing in in your front pockets.

- Stay Clear of Dangerous Areas: Be cautions and stay away from areas that could cause an unsafe situation at night. Use caution around areas such as; dark parking lots, sidewalks with tall shrubs or fences, and alleys. Also be cautious when meeting new people. Run if you feel threatened and make sure to yell or scream to alarm others.

With these safety measures, we always want you to enjoy yourself. We’ll see you tonight! Stay safe and have fun.

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