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Ohso Game Tournament at the Kono Lounge Teaser

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September 21, 2011


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Ohso Game Tournament at the Kono Lounge Teaser

With Ohso in operation, it’s time we kick things off with our first event. Do you like nightlife? Do you like video games? Ever been in a tournament? Did you get the hint? Ohso and theohso.com is proud to present our first game tournament that will be held at the upscale New York style club, Kono Lounge (click for more info) inside the Kono Japanese Steakhouse & Grill (click for more info) in Myrtle Beach.

So what are the benefits of this game tournament being held at Kono Lounge?

- Experience the nightclub on the first floor….

- Experience the tournament on the second floor….

- Spectate the tournament on the 7 flat screen TV’s and a projector throughout the club….

- Play casual games and tourney games on the 2nd floor consoles and flat screens….

- Be on live stream being watched by people locally and globally in the gaming community….

- Make new friends and meet some ladies (or gentlemen)….

- Private lounge and bar for your drinks….

- Even grab something to eat right inside the restaurant before 1am….

- CASH PRIZES will be be awarded to the top players and also other various prizes though many events! (More details will be released soon)


Now you may be wondering what games you’ll be playing. The first tournament will be:

 Super Street Fighter IV: AE

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Ohso’s goal for this tournament is to liven up the Myrtle Beach nightlife in a different and unique way. In the future we plan to have tournaments that span all genres. (FPS, TPS, Racing, you name it.) The tournament will take place on a certain date in November. Until then we will hold surprise demos within Kono Lounge.

Stay tuned on theohso.com for more details!

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