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Gem City Pizza Review

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March 22, 2012


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Gem City Pizza Review

Let me tell you about Gem City Pizza, this is one of the best Myrtle Beach pizza restaurants that just had its grand opening about a month ago. There are pizza parlors where you can get pizza and then there are laboratories where you can get pizza. Yes, Gem City Pizza is a laboratory. Along with the normal, everyday pizzas, the chefs here make some of the most unusual combinations of pizza out there.

IMG_1733-Medium Food
When an idea for a new pizza comes to mind, the chefs will make as many batches as it takes to perfect it. Once perfected, it’s available to everybody. Don’t get me wrong, these unusual combinations are good too. Gem City’s specialty is the Sweet ‘n’ Spicy pizza. I have tried this and many of their pizzas including the new BBQ chicken pizza. I really never got addicted to pizza before and the BBQ chicken pizza is extremely addicting. It’s something that I’ve never tasted before and had ingredients that I would have never guessed would be on a pizza. Also can’t forget about the handmade sweet BBQ sauce taking the place of the tomato sauce. It’s something you have to try.

The restaurant will be getting liquor soon to start serving beer. Aside from that, there is the usual water, soda (aka pop) and also homemade sweet tea in a half gallon. If you remember to get thirsty off a slice, you can just grab one. I wonder what would happen if chefs started making beverages.

The atmosphere has a California style to it. Not surprising, because the owners are from the west. Traffic signs, license plates, stop lights and converse sneakers hanging from the ceiling set the theme inside. There are even cool puppy and hydrant shakers. There’s also a small basketball hoop and a Wii you can have fun with while you’re waiting for your order. The music is pretty good. You may here some old-school rap/hip-hop at one point, some rock/alternative another time and maybe topped off with some metal. Old-school or new-school music, it’s played here. Don’t let the music shy you away from visiting though.

Although we have not experienced getting pizza delivered to us, the service is very steady. Just understand that everything is being done by hand and has presentation to it. Your pizza won’t look like it’s rapidly thrown together. Each square is taken care of with the right and event amount of ingredient.

IMG_1694-Medium Value
If this place existed when the Pavilion was still going, it would have been the best. The value is great and out of the many times I’ve ordered pizza there, I’ve haven’t had any problems. The only problem I have is other people eating it. The price is great compared to many chain restaurants and pizza joints.

For one of the best Myrtle Beach pizza restaurants, Gem City Pizza is the new kid on the block but is already getting some nice traffic going. Stop by Gem City Pizza and we promise you, these guys will take care of you and your order. Also be sure to try some of their, “Swagger Sauce”. We don’t know what’s in it, but it’s good sauce.


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