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Spring House Family Restaurant Review

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August 31, 2011


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Spring House Family Restaurant Review

Being a local in Myrtle Beach, I’ve passed by many restaurants over the years.  Spring House Family Restaurant is one that has been in business for more than a decade.  Myrtle Beach’s Spring House Family Restaurant is no longer related to the other Spring House’s (located in Murrells Inlet and North Myrtle Beach). This one happens to be under new ownership and management.

IMG_6618 Even though business was starting to pick up, service was still pretty quick. I actually didn’t get to finish my salad or rolls, because I got my food so quickly. The presentation was great for a restaurant like this. The portions were great for the price. The food was properly prepared, hot, and tasted fresh. I asked the waitress about the food and learned that the mashed potatoes are hand-peeled and mashed. The gravy is also homemade which is good to know because I have never tasted gravy like what I had there. The shrimp is fresh and hand breaded. It reminded me of an old recipe of the south. The steak was just the way I liked it (which is medium). It wasn’t the best, but for the price it was really good and did its job in my stomach.

Spring House has a selection of domestic/import beers to choose from. They also serve soft drinks, (un)sweetened tea, and other beverages that the typical restaurant serves.

IMG_6609 The restaurant’s green exterior color, plants, and flowers do allow visitors to get a sense of the name, but it’s the interior that really speaks the name, “Spring House”.  The inside of the restaurant was recently renovated and is immaculate and well-tended. The theme is a colorful, tropical garden in the spring. The place is filled with beautiful plants, many of which are real and very well taken care of.  Paintings of life-like birds, flowers, and sculptures surround the walls of the restaurant.  The walls were painted by hand by a native of Conway, SC only using one giant brush. The overall atmosphere is warm and inviting, which compliments the spring theme.

IMG_6610 The waitress that served me was a very cheerful person, the type that would never bring burden to work (or have any at all for that matter). I always like to get to know the staff that is helping me, and she was not shy at all about giving me an introduction. She gave me great suggestions on what to try and gave me a really “at home” feel. She was also very knowledgeable about the food on the menu. If you don’t know what good, homemade, country “eatin” is, then this is the place. I ordered the Steak and Shrimp (which comes with rolls, salad, and choice of a potato or mashed potatoes).

IMG_6614 My meal was ranged around $20. Note that I did choose the steak & shrimp, which is one of the more expensive (if you call that expensive) items on the menu.  There are many great options on the menu for less than half of what I paid.

Spring House Family Restaurant in Myrtle Beach is a good place I would personally recommend to friends and families that want some good “eatin” without charging an arm and a leg. The food was worth the value and will feel you up. May even need it to go if you get stuffed early.  The staff is friendly and always around to see how your meal is coming along. Spring House also serves all meals all the time for those that love breakfast for dinner.  Give Spring House Restaurant a visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner anytime!



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