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Kono Asian Grill Review

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June 24, 2011


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Kono Asian Grill Review

Kono Sushi/Japanese Hibachi was a delightful experience. I ventured there during the lunch time hours and was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was very well decorated and makes for an upscale environment. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. They serve specials “boxes” that come with a main course, with a side of sushi, and a drink for a reasonable price. One thing that was outstanding was their delightful sweet tea.

The facilities were in great condition, and I was told that they recently renovated part of the restaurant. The restrooms were very nice and clean. All the tables were in very good condition and the seating was great. The temperature felt a little on the cool side but that’s nothing to put you off from trying this nice sushi/hibachi restaurant.

The wait staff was very friendly and constantly stopping by to refill our glasses. All water/soda/tea includes free refills. There is a full bar for guests over 21 to enjoy.  Our waitress was very open to suggesting choices for us and her suggestions were delicious.

In conclusion, I would definitely venture to this place again for lunch. Stay tuned for our dinner review! ~ Landon Moseley

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