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Victoria’s Country Cookin Review

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September 2, 2011


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Victoria’s Country Cookin Review

I had the opportunity to join my partner Landon for lunch at one of the best myrtle beach restaurants, Victoria’s Country Cookin. Back when we were kids, this place was under a different name. We both have fond childhood memories of eating here, as soon as we walked in those memories flooded back to us.


IMG_4125 The food is great if you know anything about southern home cooking. With whatever you order you get a choice of 3 sides and a choice of bread. I ordered the center-cut pork chops with a side of mac n cheese, pineapple salad, and butterscotch dream pie. Desert can also take the place of a side. When the food was served, I didn’t expect to get two large (and I mean large) pieces of fried pork chops. The mac n cheese and pineapple salad was served on the side and desert is served later. Of course we didn’t want to spoil our lunch.

I started with the pineapple salad. It was a salad of lettuce, diced pineapples, a sweet crème and garnished with shredded mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese. The pineapples were obviously from the can, but the salad was fresh. Overall it’s still a sweet tasting salad. I didn’t expect no more or less from it. Next was the mac n cheese. It’s homemade 100%. Pan made and pan cut the taste of it was great, even though I think Landon got a bigger cut than I did. Last was the pork chops. I picked it up and bit into it as if I never had real food before. The chops were delicious, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

IMG_4129 I washed all this good food down with some homemade sweet tea. The best thing about this is that at your table you have a pitcher full of it without ice. You can refill your cup as much as you want and not have to worry about waiting on your waitress to fill you up. You can even ask for a foam cup to take it on the go if you don’t finish it.

Walking into this place makes me feel like it never changed. It’s like a truck stop restaurant as I would call it and it’s full of the history around the Grand Strand. Everyone is very pleasant and courteous with a story to tell. It reminds me of one of those hidden treasure’s you see on TV. One thing about Victoria’s that makes it stand out is that it’s one of the only indoor smoking kitchens in the Myrtle Beach area. IMG_4118

The service was steady, as if you were in a small diner. Food was served fast, fresh, and hot and desert at the right time so you don’t spoil your food. The wait staff is kind, courteous, and very attentive.

Victoria’s Home Cookin is the type of place a tourist would need to know about to get some good food for a very local price. The food is great in comparison to fast food places because not only do you get more food for less money, you get the experience that you can’t possibly get elsewhere. The food is definitely delicious and it’s sure to fill you up!

Overall, Victoria’s was worth the stop. The service was fast and the staff makes you feel right at home. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch or dinner that will fill you up, make a stop at Victoria’s Home Cookin. We guarantee it’s one of the best myrtle beach restaurants.

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